About Flophouse

- The Why? -

When we set out on this journey to start our new little company, many thoughts raced through my mind as to why we wanted to do this. Do what you love and the money will follow!…….Do more of what makes you happy!……..Do what your heart tells you to do!……Just do it!……….Relax don’t do it!?………….I was so confused!!!&@^#%

In the end I figured, let’s just make stuff we love and figure out the rest later. Worst case, we got plenty of nifty shirts we can wear ourselves and pancake pillows we can give out to friends and family as Christmas presents over the next 100 years or so.

We try to create more of a “feeling” than just another t-shirt or plush item – we want to stir childhood memories and fun times. Enjoy life here and now, and try not to take things so seriously – unless of course you spent your life savings on t-shirts and pancake pillows (just kidding). So to answer the question as to the Why? Flophouse, fun stuff we wanted for ourselves! Hope you like it too.

-Flophouse Felix

I have found the adventure of travel never gets old to me. The people, architecture and foods from different countries fills you full of wonder and makes you feel like a kid again. Eyes wide open while taking in new discoveries for the first time. Having seen both the amazing and unusual in my many travels abroad, I thought, how could I tie this into my love of american pop culture? I noticed that comic books, movie posters and brands from the US were the same yet different, not just in the langauge but in the style of art and the colors they used. I would also spend hours taking photos of product packaging in supermarkets and convenience stores. I became fascinated by this and knew this might be a fun way to do something I loved and turn it into an actual business. This line is a tribute to friends, freedom, and the exploration.
Don’t wait - your time is now.

What started out as a little misunderstanding has landed Mr. Massey as a partner in Flophouse. A few months back, Mike's alter ego "Angelo" searched the internet for a quiet, out of the way place to stay. Let's just say some things happened. A savvy google searcher Angelo is not and he eventually hooked up with Mike Becker at Flophouse. Instead of finding cheap lodging, Angelo ended up investing in the company. Mr. Becker knew instantly that Massey was the right guy to bring into the fold as he was looking for someone to spearhead Flophouse's sales effort and Mike or should we say "Angelo" can be a very convincing sales person. In the little spare time that he has, Angelo enjoys watching The Godfather and The Godfather Part II (not so much the other Godfather movies)

He frequents the best pizza joints throughout the tri-state area and is not only a skilled bocce player but even holds his own at racquet (don't call it a racket) sports like tennis and squash.

Both Mike and Angelo are excited about this new opportunity to get into the garment industry and looks forward to your business.

I have owned an apparel company since 1993. Coming from a drafting/engineering background, I was looking for something to challenge me in a more exciting way. I started it in my garage and have been fortunate enough to grow something far beyond my expectations. I realized a long time ago that I need to be doing something I love with people who are as passionate as I am.

I am still a kid at heart which is why I guess I have such a fondness for video games, old cartoons, music, and collectibles. I love things that make me feel young again. This opportunity with my new Flophouse family combines my passions with my experience and allows me to surround myself with some very special people that share the same common interests. Now it’s time for the FUN to begin. I hope everyone enjoys what we make as much as we enjoy making it!